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Reasons To Get Porcelain Crowns In Las Vegas

Posted By: alex

There are many different reasons why your dentist may want to have you get a crown for your teeth.  Some of them are purely cosmetic while others are so you get more function out of your teeth.  No matter what reason you have for getting the crown, you may want to ask around to get a good deal because they are almost invariably very expensive.  But if you are already working with a dentist that you like and trust, you should be able to ask them to give you their very best price and work with you so that you can afford to get the crown ordered and applied.

One reason that you may need to get porcelain crowns in Las Vegas is if you have had a root canal.  In that case, so much of the tooth has been removed that it is no longer really functional.  A crown will cover the remaining tooth and allow you to chew normally on it and also prevent further decay and give your tooth a nice appearance.   Also, if your tooth is discolored or stained and you want to give your mouth a better look, you may want to have a crown installed because the porcelain can be tinted to match your teeth so it gives a nice consistent color and look in your mouth.

Another reason that you might need to get porcelain crowns in Las Vegas is if you have other cosmetic work such as a bridge or an implant.  Crowns can be used to attach the bridge so it stays in place.  If the implant is just a stub, then the dentist will usually want to cover it with a crown so that it is useful as a tooth.   You can also get a crown if you have a cracked tooth that might get worse and the dentist thinks a crown may help preserve what tooth you have before it becomes completely  useless and has to be removed.

Crowns are not permanent, unfortunately.  If you take good care of them, they could last up to eight years.  So when you pay for porcelain crowns in Las Vegas, you will want to make sure to ask how to care for them properly to get the most use out of them for the longest amount of possible time.

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