Reasons to Hire a Lawyer to Go to Administrative Hearings in Chicago

When you lose your drivers license because of poor driving behaviors, you may want to do everything possible to get it returned to you quickly. You may not want to wait the long months or years that it might take for the court to return your license to you.

However, you need to convince the judge assigned to your case to find in your favor and believe that you are a reformed driver. You can make your argument and may convince the judge to find in your favor by hiring a lawyer during administrative hearings in Chicago to represent you.

Presenting Favorable Evidence

When you have a lawyer representing you during these kinds of hearings, you can present evidence in your favor to the judge. The judge wants to know that you have reformed your ways and will no longer pose a threat to society if or when you get back behind the wheel.

Your lawyer, then, can show the judge favorable evidence, such as certificates from completed drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs or diplomas from anger management therapy programs. This evidence can show the judge that you have taken meaningful measures to change your behavior and no longer engage in reckless behaviors when you are driving your vehicle.

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