Reasons to Hire an Experienced Long-Distance Mover In Fort Meyers, FL

When you relocate for a job or retirement, you have the daunting task of moving to another city. You’ll also have many other things to do, such as finding a new residence and getting all of your utilities turned off at your old house. That’s why it’s beneficial to contact us when you want to hire an experienced Fort Myers, FL, long-distance moving company to move your furniture and belongings to your new residence. Here are some key reasons why.

Experienced Team
An established company that does long distance moving in Fort Myers, FL, has usually relocated many other people. It also knows all the procedures involved in getting your items from your old home to your new house. Furthermore, these companies employ highly experienced movers who know how to lift, carry and stow your sofas, chairs, lamps, pictures, and mattresses in the moving truck without damaging the items, walls or newel posts.

Saves Time
A long distance moving in Fort Myers, FL, company saves you a lot of time. Instead of having to rent one or more trucks and load your own furniture, you can focus on getting your kids enrolled in new schools, joining a new church and getting your new house prepared for your arrival.

Worth the Money
The average cost of moving long distance is $4,890, according to However, you’ll have a lot less stress and headaches by hiring a company that provides long distance moving in Fort Myers, FL. Therefore, the money you’ll spend will be well worth it. Also, your company may even pay for the move.

Most experienced Fort Myers, FL, moving companies will also provide packing and storage services. This saves you the trouble of packing your own items and finding a place to store your overflow items.

Rice’s Moving & Transport, Inc. is a family-owned and highly reputable moving company that always provides superb services for residential and commercial clients in Southwest, Florida. Contact us for more information!

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