Reasons to Pump Your ATU (Aerobic Treatment Units)

Once you purchase and install your ATU (aerobic treatment units), you immediately begin receiving the benefit of having the waste from your home broken down in a cleaner and more natural way; however, this system will still require pumping and maintenance. Delaying pumping may lead to a number of negative effects on your system and cause greater costs in the long run, which is why you benefit from calling on the right professionals. It is fortunate that you can call on the same companies from which you purchase your system to have it pumped regularly, the results of which lead to a better-functioning system for many years.


If you choose not to regularly pump your ATU (aerobic treatment units), you run the risk of sludge building up inside the system and resulting in a clog and its many accompanying problems. Once this sludge has reached approximately 50% to 60% of the aerobic tank, it is important that you call on providers such as Valley Isle Pumping to have the system pumped out using professional equipment and trained experts. If you begin to notice the sludge increasing in amount at a faster rate, this should call for immediate pumping rather than waiting for the next appointed maintenance time.


It is imperative that you have your system pumped regularly even if there are no immediate signs of trouble so that you may avoid any adverse effects to the system. Your maintenance provider will have many recommendations in regards to how often you should pump and doing so will remove excess sludge that may decrease the percentage of water treated, reduce the amount of accumulated solids, and otherwise stop the system from a premature failure. In extreme cases, sludge that is backed up due to a serious problem has found its way out onto the lawn in a number of ways, leading to health concerns. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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