Reasons to Retain a Lawyer after an Accident

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Law, Law Services

Whether you were recently in a truck accident or fell down the steps at someone’s home, there are a number of good reasons to retain an accidents lawyer. St. Louis is the 58th largest city in the USA  and home to over 300,000 people, so car accidents and falls are commonplace in the day to day happenings of the city. While we’d all like settlements and insurance agencies to just fall into place after an accident, many situations require the use of legal counsel in order to make sure that you’re treated fairly and compensated for your injuries and suffering.

When the Accident Involves a Friend or Neighbor

We’ve all heard stories about people who had to sue a friend or family member because they refused to pay medical bills or repair costs after an accident. Let’s say your friend has ice on their outside steps and doesn’t realize it. You slip and fall and end up needing stitches or breaking your arm. It turns out they don’t have proper insurance to pay for your medical bills and are refusing to take responsibility.

You can either avoid conflict and pay for everything yourself, or retain an auto accidents lawyer in St. Louis. Hiring an attorney helps you avoid having to deal with your friend or relative during the case because they can take all questions to your attorney. A lawyer will also make sure everything is fair as far as compensation so that you’re not accused of trying to get money you don’t need.

When an Accident Involves Big Business

Maybe you’re struggling with an uncooperative insurance agency or being sweet-talked by a large corporation who wants to avoid litigation. An accidents lawyer in St. Louis will have all of the experience necessary to fight the big guys and help you get fair and reasonable compensation for your injuries. Whether litigating with friends or big businesses, it’s the accidents lawyer of St. Louis that knows how to negotiate and help you win your case.

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