Reasons to Use a Criminal Lawyer in Allentown

Being accused of a crime can be a devastating event in your life. You may not know where to go or who to turn to. You may consider representing yourself or obtaining a court appointed attorney, but this could be a rash decision that affects your case. A Criminal Lawyer in Allentown can provide legal advice in these types of cases and be your advocate before the judge and jury.

Criminal law covers a broad range of offenses. Any experienced Criminal Lawyer Allentown should be able to handle cases involving traffic tickets, drug offenses, DUIs, trafficking or smuggling, white collar crimes, manslaughter and homicide or murder. Some of the consequences of a criminal charge are suspension of a driver’s license, fines, property confiscation, and jail or prison time. You may lose the right to purchase and own a gun, to vote and possibly to live in anonymity. Using an attorney who has dealt with and won many criminal cases can make it possible to receive a lesser sentence or have the charges dropped all together. While every case is different and results are not guaranteed; a good lawyer can increase the chances of winning your case.

Even after people serve the time they were sentenced, they are continued to be punished by society. Ex-convicts commonly find it difficult to find work, or if they do, it’s low paying. This can lead to a cycle of crime when the lure of easy money, or other reasons, bring people back to the system. A lawyer can help keep your record looking the best it can, so potential employers don’t hold your past against you.

A legal professional can come up with an effective strategy to win your individual case. Success is on a case by case basis, but using an attorney can increase your odds. An attorney can collect evidence and find witnesses to testify on your behalf. A lawyer can also negotiate with the prosecutor to plea for a lighter sentence. Depending on the details of your case, a criminal lawyer can help you present your case in an effective manner.

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