Regulations pertaining to septic systems

In areas that are not served by a municipal sanitary sewer system, the homeowner is required to undertake a septic system installation in Bellingham WA for local waste collection and treatment. Local regulations on a septic system installation must be followed as the material that is treated is considered as hazardous waste. Although the regulations do tend to vary depending on the jurisdiction, they all cover issues such as the size of the tank, the location of the tank and the tank installation.

As the tank contents are considered as hazardous the regulations will specify the minimum distance that the septic tank can be to the building. There are regulations that specify the suitable system based on the building the system serves. Usually, the tank size is dictated by the number of occupants of the building that will contribute to the waste that enters the tank.

The effluent which is the liquid waste that leaves the septic tank as new waste is introduced passes from the tank through pipes into the drain field which also is known as the leech field. The effluent continues to be processed in the drain field; the soil cleans it and the water is then slowly returned to the ground water supply. The drain field plays a significant role in the treatment of waste, as part of the entire septic system installation in Bellingham WA, it too is subjected to regulations. Before the installation of the drain field can start the soil must be tested, not all types of soil are suitable, it may be necessary to remove the existing soil and replace it will suitable material.

Although there are certain soil types which are simply not acceptable there are types that are acceptable but marginally so. Depending on the soil the drain field will have to be of a certain size, this of course then dictates the size of the lot that must be purchased to build the specific structure on. This is extremely important as the wastewater that has been discharged from the septic tank is still considered to be hazardous; this water poses a threat to the environment and must not be discharged into any waterway or simply allowed to flow onto an open parcel of land.

Septic system installation in Bellingham WA is a task best undertaken by professionals that are intimate with the prevailing rules and regulations. You are invited to contact the pros at Burke Septic & Pumping Services LLC. for further information.

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