Rehab: A Dramatic but Needed Change

Media portrayals make it easy to think that everyone in California needs to go to rehab. Despite the unfair nature of these portrayals the truth is that there are people in California with drug, alcohol, or some other form of substance abuse that they need to quit. Rehab is an important step along the way to being freed from an addiction. It’s worth pointing out though that for an addict you’re never truly free, what this means is that you most likely won’t be able to use the substance you’re addicted to recreationally. It’s too hard for the addict to keep a proper balance on using something just recreationally; old desires and habits can kick in. Addiction is not just a psychological desire or habit to do something, but also a physical dependency. One of the most important things to keep in mind with rehab is that it means a change in your way of life.

It might sound dramatic, but for rehab to work you need to change a lot of things. There’s a psychological, and psychiatric part of rehab that is best left to discussion with professionals. There’s also a very practical side of things. To use the example of alcohol, it’s not the most physically addictive substance, but it is one of the more common and legal ones. If you have friends who you have nothing in common with besides drinking you don’t want to spend all your free time with them. On the one hand you might discover you have very little in common with them once you’re sober, on the other you’re likely to be tempted to drink because they’ll encourage you to do so. IT’s not worth putting yourself through that temptation. There will be some relationships that survive, but you need to be cautious and selective.

You also need to realize that rehab does stop when you leave the program. Often people are encouraged to keep certain contacts and call or communicate if they have any further problems. While this isn’t meant to dissuade anyone in California, or any other state from seeking the rehab they need, it’s important to have a realistic appraisal of what’s involved. If the addiction is damaging your life and relationships, rehab is very worth the ordeal, however, you shouldn’t think that you can do the program then go back into the life you had with no problems and no drugs/alcohol. Rehab is a long important process and one you will need help with. Depending on the addiction you will need medical assistance to get you through the rough spots, don’t try to do it alone, and don’t think it’s nothing that requires sustained effort.

Rehab California – Drug addiction is a destructive process. For the people afflicted and trying to break the bonds of addiction rehab programs can help them take the first steps necessary to living better lives. Drug rehab should not be attempted without assistance. Austin Recovery based in Austin, Texas. Don’t let that dissuade you if you’re from Los Angeles California. They can be found online at or reached via telephone at 1-800-373-2081, or 512-697-8600.

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