Reliable Storage for Knoxville Customers During a Relocation

Storage is a key aspect of residential moving. As homeowners, we often have many more possessions than we realize. It is during the preparation and process of moving when many of us may fully grasp the number of items we need to transport to our new location. However, homeowners need flexibility. Not all possessions are necessarily destined for the new destination – some may have to wait to be accessed another day.

Let’s look at some of the preparation that can be done prior to your move as well as the key services one should expect from utilizing reliable storage. Knoxville moving companies may offer storage in combination with all of the standard moving services – and this can be of great benefit to the customer.

Take Inventory
After you decide to utilize a facility to store your items, it’s important to prioritize. Take inventory and determine what will go with you to the new destination and what will need to be parked in storage, either short-term or long-term. This is an important step in the process. It can help a lot not to use your new home to store excess items – when you can place those items in a safe location elsewhere. You may require significant space to store your items in the end so it’s important to know what you don’t need in your new home.

Temperature Controlled Units
Your facility should provide climate-controlled storage that has plenty of space to protect your valuable items needing this special protection. Certain types of items, such as fine art pieces may require a climate-controlled environment to prevent damage.

Knowing your items are safe and secure is something you want to know when you are entrusting you valuable possessions into the care of a provider. Look for a facility that provides a number of security measures including, closed circuit cameras and fire detection and suppression systems (sprinklers) and alarms. It’s important to know that these measures are in place before you place your items in the facility.

When it’s time to make your move, be sure and reserve reliable storage. It can make your transition much easier and give you the flexibility to access your possessions on your own terms going forward.

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