Repairs and Replacements – Understanding Your Situation

One of the most important lessons to learn as a homeowner is that there is rarely, if ever, a single, universal solution to a common problem. In most cases, you cannot simply ignore your own personal circumstances in favor of mimicking whatever action a neighbor or a friend might have taken in response to a serious household issue. A plethora of factors usually come into play, and they must all be evaluated before you settle on any particular solution. In the shared experience of many professional heating contractors, St. Petersburg residents often find themselves wondering whether they should have their HVAC system repaired or replaced, and the answer to the question varies wildly.

In general, when dealing with minor issues it is preferable to have a heating and cooling system quickly and affordably repaired. This is a good way to save large amounts of money that would otherwise be put toward having an expensive new unit installed. However, there are situations where going for the option that seems cheaper on paper will actually land you in even more financial trouble. Repair bills can easily pile up at an alarming rate in the most extreme cases. Let us go through some of the factors you should think about when trying to decide what actions you want your heating contractors to take.

Obviously, the age of the heating system will greatly impact its performance. If it is very old, chances are that it cannot measure up against more modern pieces of technology. At the same time, unless it has been serviced since its initial installation, it might be teeming with unsolved problems that have long since passed the due date for maintenance. The best heating systems boast great longevity, but sometimes even the most skilled contractors cannot save a failing machine.

Repair Cost
People often choose to have a system repaired because they believe that in doing so they are saving money. In many instances, this is exactly the case. However, as stated above, sometimes the cost of getting a broken heating and cooling unit fixed will greatly exceed the amount of money it would take to simply buy something new. Naturally, this also has a lot to do with which contractors you work with, but there are often a few constants.

Long-Term Goals
Do you intend to stay in your home for a lengthy amount of time? If you are moving soon, you might want to forgo either repair or replacement and wait until you are situated in your new home before having a new heating system installed. Your contractors can help you get a fresh start and you can begin work on ensuring your HVAC has a long and healthy life by providing it with routine maintenance.

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