Residential Roofing Services in Gainesville, FL, for Decks Over Garages

Some houses have a pitched roof over the home and a flat roof over the garage. This is particularly common with detached garages, but some attached garages have flat roofs too. During garage roof replacement, a contractor providing residential roofing services in Gainesville, FL, can build one strong and durable enough to function as a deck for people to enjoy.

Customers of residential roofing services in Gainesville, FL, may not care to hear the details of how this home improvement feature will be constructed. They just want to be assured that the garage deck can withstand the weight of everyone in the family and several guests at one time. This can be a place for fun outdoor gatherings when it is built effectively.

A General Rule of Thumb

A general rule of thumb is that a roof deck should be built to hold about 50 lbs. of weight for every square foot. A person weighing 150 lbs. would need 3 sq. ft. for adequate support. Garage sizes vary, of course, so the number of people the structure can support varies accordingly. Railings should be built around the perimeter for safety. Some built-in bench seating could be included.

Hiring a Reputable Contractor

When not constructed skillfully, flat roofs are prone to leaking before they should. That’s an even bigger risk when several people routinely walk on top of the material. Homeowners will want to hire reputable contractors to prevent this problem. They can reach out to Duffield Home Improvements.

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