Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants

Losing a tooth to accident or decay can be a shaking event, especially if it’s visible when you smile. Thankfully dental implants offer a way to cosmetically restore the quality of your smile as well as the obvious practical benefits of eating and chewing. You might not know much about dental implants; after all, most people go to the dentist for cleaning, fillings or crowns. Still, if you find yourself in need of tooth replacement then the best first step to take is in learning about the process, risks and benefits of getting dental implants in Rochester NY.

The dental implant itself is actually a titanium screw or post that is inserted into your jaw line so that an authentic-looking tooth replacement can be affixed to it. Titanium is used due to the metal’s unique property of being accepted and fused to the jawbone, making it more or less permanent. This technique is used for more than just false teeth-dental implants can also support bridge, crowns and dentures! Prior to titanium implants had been made of various other materials and generally had a lower success rate. The technique of implanting a device into the jawline as a remedy has been known and practiced longer than you might think. In 1931, archaeologists discovered evidence that the Mayans themselves used dental implants made of shell or bone. That’s a long way from getting implants in Rochester NY!

Dental implants today are a widely practiced, well-researched procedure that has helped millions of Americans restore their teeth. The false teeth used are convincing enough to pass for close inspections and they can be used for biting and chewing just like a normal tooth might be. They will feel notedly different from a normal tooth since they lack the gum lining membrane a natural tooth has, but it’s certainly better than going without. Potential problems include failure of the bone to integrate with the implant, inflammation and infection around the implanted area and the typical risks associated with any kind of surgery. It is worth noting that problems are not relatively common an all implant procedures enjoy a success rate of around 75%. Failure is usually more pronounced in patients with poor dental hygiene that has contributed to weak or deteriorated bone mass in the jaw. So if you’re interested in getting implants in Rochester NY you can be secured in the knowledge that statistics are on your side!

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