Restoring a Persian Rug in New York City

High-quality rugs require special care and cleaning to retain beauty and value. Experienced crafts people practice for years and years to acquire the skills and techniques to repair a Persian Rug in New York City. In most cases the final restoration is difficult to detect. Compare Rug Restoration services to find the best one available.

Over One-Hundred-Years

Services and methods from the Golden Horn shop have been passed down from generation to generation for over one-hundred-years. The original shop was established in Turkey and the United States location has been operating for over a decade. Specialities include repairing tears and large holes in antique rugs and all types of Persian Rug in New York City. Repairs, professional cleaning, and re-sizing are offered services as well for rugs and other woven textiles.


Customers are offered free estimates for repairs and restorations. Depending on the size and damage to the rug, the estimate can become quite high in cost. If the cost is higher than the value of the rug, customers are given the option to have the rug repaired in Turkey. Repair costs are typically fifty to eighty percent lower than in the US. Shipments to Turkey are completed once a month. Keep in mind that complex repairs can take several months.


Professional cleaning will prolong the life of the rug and avoid expensive restorations. Getting a rug cleaned via regular dry cleaning can cause colors to run, the weave to loosen, and edges to fray. This is how many snags and holes begin to form. Take the time to select a cleaning company that has experience is woven rugs.

General cleaning, stain removal, and pet odor removal all require different techniques to maintain the colors, shape, and integrity of the rug. A speciality rug is an investment so the care of it needs to be precise with attention to detail. Someone who does not have a full understand of the way the rug was made cannot repair or clean it properly. Spend the money to have it cared for by professionals instead of trying to save a few dollars. The risk is too great and could compromise the total value of the rug.

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