Retaining a Lawyer to Help You File for MSRS in MN for Retirement

As an injured state worker, you are eligible to receive settlement payments long after you retire. Even when you reach the age of being able to take out Social Security benefits, you still are legally entitled to payments under the state’s compensation funds. You rely on these payments to sustain yourself long after you retire.

However, it can be legally complex to convince the state to continue paying you benefits that you are entitled to after you retire. You can start by hiring an experienced attorney to file for Minnesota State Retirement System MSRS in MN on your behalf today.

Knowledge of the Law

When you want to file for these benefits, you need to entrust the case to a lawyer who knows how the state’s laws work and what mandates to use for your particular situation. Your attorney can provide all of the documentation needed to the program directors to show that you are entitled to the funds under the state’s current laws. He or she can make sure that the payments begin immediately upon your reaching retirement age so that you avoid financial difficulties.

Your lawyer can also pursue a settlement from the state if the program failed to make payments or denied you funds at any time. You can recoup that money and have it issued along with regular monthly payments. You can continue to draw on benefits that you are entitled to as an injured worker.

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