Review of the 12 AWG Marine Primary Wires As Used In Marine Vessels

Marine vessels spend a lot of time in environments that have salty water and high humidity. Therefore, the tools used in such vessels should have a high resistance to corrosion from the ocean water and rusting elements. For this reason mariners prefer using the 12 AWG marine primary wire aboard such vessels. The cable consists of strands made of copper and coated with tin in order to increase their resistance to deterioration. This makes the 12 AWG marine primary wire an ideal option as it can withstand rust and corrosive elements.


The strands in the 12 AWG marine primary wire are thin and light making it very flexible for use in various areas. It meets all the requirements of marine vessels and instruments as stipulated by the relevant regulatory procedures. The wire can also withstand being exposed to extremely low temperatures of about -20 degrees Celsius, and high temperatures of almost 105 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for the rapid temperature changes that occur in the ocean from time to time.

Resistance to Damage

The fact that the 12 AWG marine primary wire is highly resistant means that it cannot be damaged easily, and can last for a long time while still being functional. It has components that are not affected by, infestation of mold and other types of fungi, acidity of the water and abrasion that may occur after coming into contact with debris or other materials. This makes it a better alternative compared to other types of wire, as long as it is maintained correctly throughout the usage period.


The 12 AWG marine primary wire can be used for various purposes on marine vessels, including transporting objects from one place to another, and supplying electrical power to various parts of the vessel. It can sustain up to 600 Volts of electricity. This is enough to power up a large vessel for many days. In fact, the 12 AWG marine primary wires have been tested severally and found to have a larger current capacity than other wires like SAE.

To maintain its strength and functionality, it is important to store it in the right manner where it can easily be unwound whenever needed to perform a certain task. Make sure that it is always kept in its special compartment to reduce any chance of deterioration.

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