Reviewing Options With A Family Law Attorney In Fort Myers

In Florida, couples who are filing for a divorce manage the separation of their lives through the divorce agreement. The document defines how marital property is divided, the child custody arrangement, and how debts are paid. A Family Law Attorney in Fort Myers offers advice for couples who want to finalize their divorce quickly.

Types of Child Custody

Couples have a choice between shared or joint custody and sole custody. With shared child custody, the parents divide the responsibilities of the child. Each party can make decisions about the child regarding their school, religion, and which doctor the child visits. Sole custody is awarded when a parent is a risk to the child. The arrangement requires supervised visitation or leads to the termination of the parental rights.

Negotiating A Solution for Dividing Marital Property

Marital property is all assets that were accumulated during the marriage. It doesn’t include gifts or assets that were awarded through an inheritance. Select properties that were owned before the marriage are awarded to the original owner. Any properties used during the marriage that isn’t in either party’s name aren’t a part of the marital estate.

Increasing a Spouse’s Earning Capacity

Common practices for increasing the spouse’s earning capacity include alimony and the full payment of a degree program. The court determines the spouse’s needs and awards alimony when it is necessary. Couples who are married over ten years can acquire permanent alimony.

Debts and Taxes

Debts and taxes are managed according to the responsibilities of each party. All joint accounts are divided among the parties, and individual accounts are paid by the account holder. After the first year following the divorce, the couple could file their taxes jointly. The divorce agreement defines all requirements for each party.

In Florida, couples filing for a divorce due to irreconcilable differences or fault-based divorce grounds. The divorce proceedings involve the division of all marital property and the establishment of child custody arrangements. Alimony is awarded in some cases to increase the earning capacity of a spouse. Couples who need help contact a Family Law Attorney in Fort Myers and schedule an appointment today. Visit for more information.

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