Rigging Services for Your Turbine and Generator Relocation and Placement

Industrial rigging is a crucial part of the transfer process and also a dangerous aspect of major commercial construction projects in many cases. Rigging services are designed to safely lift and convey various types of objects, often those are oversized, heavy, or positioned in a difficult to access location. These objects can include turbines, generators, and associated components.

The job of rigging must be performed by an experienced an effective team that understands all aspects of the equipment being used in addition to the correct safety practices required in the zoning and permits needed to properly carry out the work.

The Right Equipment and Professionals

Riggers execute complicated moving techniques and use important safety measures to transport a relocate items using specialized equipment. The type of equipment used in rigging services can include hoists, cranes, forklifts, gantries, high cube trailers, flatbeds, slings, ropes, skates, chains, blocking and steel plates, and lifting bars.

Top riggers in the industry may also utilize advanced technological equipment to provide superior rigging performance. A rigging team can take advantage of computer-aided design employed by a surveyor that utilizes pertinent site data. With this information, the team can determine the best approach for relocating equipment in the most efficient and safe manner as possible.

Particular Know-how and Experience

Professional riggers with a working knowledge of rigging theory can provide highly specialized services for the transport of industrial equipment. Before relocating unsymmetrically shaped or heavy objects, riggers must determine the center of gravity and weight as well as the horizontal and vertical forces required to carry out the list and transport. Both intelligence and experience are key assets for reading professionals to utilize.

Safe Rigging Operations

Rigging services in the turbine in rotating machinery sector can involve dangerous work. When transporting items that way thousands of pounds, professional rigging crews must have extensive familiarity with the safety requirements needed to protect human life and surrounding property. Qualified and insured rigging teams can handle local municipality and state requirements involving these operations. They will also adhere to all applicable OSHA standards, provide the necessary insurance documentation and obtain the required permits.

For information about moving your turbine, generator, or rotating machinery rigging project forward, contact an experienced rigging company today.

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