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Toothache Treatment

If you have a toothache, then visiting a Kamloops dentist as fast as possible is essential. There are several reasons why you might have a toothache, including neglecting daily oral hygiene, leading to a large cavity or an infection in the gums. It is essential to visit a dental clinic right away for a toothache because the problem can get worse quickly, leading to major problems that can require a root canal or the extraction of a tooth. At a dental clinic, a dentist will rush you to an X-ray machine to collect images of the infected tooth to determine what type of procedure is required.

Creating Customized Dental Crowns

A Kamloops dentist may need to drill into a tooth to clean away the decay and the bacteria before filling it with a durable color-matching substance. Alternatively, you may have a cracked tooth from eating a hard food, and you might need to have a restoration placed over the tooth. For this type of repair, a dentist can remove the interior portion of the tooth to get rid of the infected pulp, nerves and roots. To stabilize this tooth, a dentist can fill it with a waterproof resin before covering the tooth’s shell with a customized crown.

Dental Appliances

When a tooth is beyond repair, a Kamloops dentist can remove the tooth with a professional extraction method. You won’t need to cope with a gap in your mouth because there are several ways to replace missing teeth. A dentist can measure your mouth to make a dental bridge from wire or metal, and a full-size dental crown is attached to this appliance. If you have strong alveolar bones and healthy gum tissue, then it is possible to have a dental crown inserted right away with a specialized surgery.

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