Rug Cleaners in San Diego Are Experts in Cleaning and Repair

When fine rugs are cleaned, a special cleaning technique is used. This method is used for a variety of rug types. The amount of dirt that a rug picks up is based on the traffic it receives as well as the type of soil present. Cleaning ensures a rug’s appearance and longevity.

When a Rug Is Professionally Cleaned

When expert rug cleaners in San Diego clean rugs, they typically hand-wash the carpets. Before cleaning the rugs, however, they inspect them for damage or unraveling. They also determine if any colors might bleed during cleaning. While daily vacuuming removes surface soil, a professional cleaning will get rid of embedded grime and preserve the rug fibers. Vacuuming a rug also provides a safeguard from moth damage. You should never vacuum the fringe of a rug, as this can lead to fraying.

How to Address Beverage and Food Spills

Rug cleaners suggest that any liquids that are spilled on a rug be addressed immediately. Experts recommend that the rug owner use a white paper towel to sop up the additional moisture. Use a wet towel to rinse the stain and blot it. The wet area should be raised until it is dry. If food spills on a rug, it should be gently removed using a dull knife. Use a wet towel to blot the residue and remove it.

How Often Should You Have Your Rugs Cleaned?

You should contact rug cleaners every three to six years to have your rugs cleaned. Again, the frequency of cleaning will depend on the amount of traffic that the rug receives. When a rug is washed, the richness and vibrancy of its color is reinforced. To ensure that the fibers in the rug are not crushed, place some type of protection between the rug and the legs of your furniture.

You can buy fine Oriental or Persian rugs or have them professionally cleaned by companies such as Home Décor Fine Rugs. If you want to add a fine rug to your living space, make sure you buy it from a business that also offers professional rug cleaning services. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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