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Sacramento Mice Control Services for Your Home’s Safety

Posted By: Leah Austin

If you live in Sacramento and you think you may have some mice around the house, call ASAP for trusted Sacramento mice control services. The sooner you make the call the sooner you will rid your home of these property damaging pests.

Get Help Fast

If you see droppings or other indications that you have a mice problem, you want to get help fast from professional Sacramento mice control services. Mice and other rodents will take up residence and start the damage process quickly. Mice will:

  • Potentially get into duct work and tear it up
  • Chew up baseboards
  • Chew up wiring
  • Infect food supplies in the pantry
  • Leave droppings everywhere
  • Chew threw insulation

Mice can quickly cause thousands of dollars in damage if left untreated. They multiply quickly and are prolific breeders. They are also elusive and can be difficult to eradicate if you are not experienced in managing an infestation. Moving quickly is critical to minimizing damage.

Not Just Property Damage

Mice can carry in parasites like ticks and fleas that can cause a secondary infestation. Ticks and fleas are biting insects that can cause painful bites to both pets and human occupants. Additionally, not only do mice transmit disease but so do the ticks and the fleas that they bring with them. Hantavirus can be spread through the dust from mice droppings. Mice simply have no place in your home.

It is Serious

If you see a mouse in your house call Apex Pest Control. A mouse siting is serious enough to reach out to a professional with experience to rid your property of the problem. Apex Pest Control has the experience, the skill set and the knowledge to quickly eradicate the problem and help you to take your home back from the pests.

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