Sand Blasting in Connecticut Makes Sharper Images and Letters

Remembering a special loved one often includes creating a monument to honor the life that was lived. A monument provides a lasting tribute for future generations to see. Sand blasting in Connecticut etches the stone with precision cuts so that the words and pictures that are engraved on a monument will remain clear over time.

What is Sandblasting

Sandblasting is a process that uses compressed air and sand to remove the shiny surface of a stone. Once the top layer has been removed, the underneath unpolished stone can be engraved with letters and pictures. During sandblasting, the stone is removed by using high powered air to force sand through a stencil which will allow the engraved features to stand out and not erode over the years.

Creating a Monument

When creating a monument, the design must first be sketched out by a graphic artist and turned into a stencil. Then the stencil should be placed on top of the stone so that the engraving can be done. Sand blasting in Connecticut then removes a layer of the stone to create the words and pictures on the monument. The process is done with precision laser cuts so that the final result will be crystal clear and not fuzzy.

Engraving the Stone

A monument that is created using the sandblasting process will retain sharp images and letters for decades. Sandblasting produces precisely cut borders to give a monument a professional look every time. For the engraved features to stand out, a stencil is placed on a stone piece which is then sandblasted to achieve the images that will pay tribute to the beloved individual. The sandblasting process is precise and flawless in appearance when compared to a monument that has been hand carved or chiseled.

Honoring a loved one can be achieved by creating a lasting memorial for friends and family to visit. A memorial can also help future generations to learn about a beloved family member. Sandblasting can ensure that the testimony on the monument will remain intact for decades, without eroding and becoming difficult to read. For more information regarding sandblasting and creating a lasting memorial, please contact us.

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