Save Money with DIY Wedding Favors

No doubt weddings can be quite expensive. Once you put in the cost of the flowers, gown, reception hall, food, etc, you are probably looking for ways to save a few dollars. Fortunately, DIY wedding favors have become a huge trend in the recent years and many brides are choosing DIY as many parts of their wedding as possible; from the ceremony to the reception, from the photo booth to the dessert buffet. DIY favors are much more affordable and totally unique – a favor that will never be forgotten.

Types of DIY Favors

Depending on the budget, there is a huge range of DIY favors you can choose from. Some of the most affordable DIY favors are monogrammed or personalized labels and stickers that can be affixed on any goodie bags, boxes, pails or jars. These personalized containers can then be filled with treats like candies or baked goods.

If you’re budget is on the higher end, you may want to consider DIY favors like pre-filled monogrammed candy tins, candy tubes, jars or glass bottles and personalized candles.

Finding DIY Favors

DIY favors are available in many colors, theme and concepts. When it comes to buying DIY favors for your wedding, it is extremely important that you choose a store that carries a huge range of products and will let you create a favor that’s completely unique.

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