Saving Money On An Illumina DNA Sequencer

There have been amazing evolutions in the use of DNA sequencing technology over the last few decades. This includes moving from Sanger DNA sequencing systems through to NGS or next-generation sequencing.

Through the use of the NGS technology offered through the Illumina DNA sequencer, it is possible to sequence millions of DNA fragments at the same time on every run. With the older method of Sanger sequencing, each individual DNA fragment is sequenced one at a time, which is both time-consuming and less efficient for both diagnostic and research purposes.

As with any type of advanced technology, the cost of the different options in Illumina DNA sequencer models is a factor for any lab to consider. There are ways to help to not only dramatically reduce the costs but also to ensure the latest technology is in the lab to enhance sequencing ability.

Buying Used or Refurbished Sequencers

Labs around the country are continually upgrading their equipment or increasing the size of equipment to handle addiction testing capacity. For a smaller lab or a lab adding DNA sequencing or just an additional sequencer, buying used or refurbished is a cost-saving option.

It is important to buy from established, reputable used lab and analytical equipment dealers. These companies ensure the systems are in full working order for used equipment, and that they are up-to-date and to OEM specifications with refurbished equipment. Avoid buying privately or through an online auction as these are most often “buyer beware” and there is no guarantee of the working condition of the equipment.

In many cases, a newer model of used Illumina DNA sequencer is significantly reduced in price but still has a warranty. These companies also provide customer support both in the selection of the correct DNA sequencer model for your lab, as well as in comparing different options and making the best choice.

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