Say Goodbye to Rats and Mice With Wild Removal Services Savannah GA

While spiders and various insects may be the main reason for hiring an exterminator, sometimes rats and mice may need to be taken care of, too. Rodents can spread disease, and they are very destructive creatures by nature. They can enter a home without anyone noticing and build nests within the walls and ceiling. Very soon they will produce new offspring and increase the number of rodents in the living space. Once mice and rats can be heard scurrying about, the problem has already grown in size. Savannah Termite and Pest Control can take care of Wild Removal Services Savannah GA and get these pesky critters under control quickly and efficiently.

Signs of Rodents

There are several things that can indicate that rats and mice may be living in a home. The smell of urine, droppings that suddenly appear on floors and in closets, and even the sound of little feet scurrying behind the walls may signal that rodents have moved inside. Gnaw marks on baseboards, doors, and walls can also point to their presence. Food that has not been sealed tightly in the kitchen may be the perfect source of food for these hungry creatures. Once they have found readily available food, they will return to the scene of the crime with their friends.

Destructive Nature

Rodents love to chew. In fact, when they have moved into a home they can cause hundreds of dollars worth of damage if they are ignored for too long. Rodents will eat drywall and chew through wires, which can start a fire. They can also chew through PVC pipes and cause water leaks. Capturing them before any further damage can save a homeowner a lot of money for repairs caused by rats and mice.


When Wild Removal Services in Savannah GA is required, it’s important to locate all of the openings that have allowed the rodents to make their way inside. A mouse or rat can enter through a space as small as a dime, so finding all of the entryways can be challenging. Once the entry spots have been sealed up, the exterminator will set up traps to catch the rodents that are still living in the home.

Rodents should be removed as soon as their presence has been noted. Rodents can spread disease and cause respiratory issues in some individuals. For more information regarding rodent removal services, please Visit Website.

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