Sealing Cracks And Gaps To Prevent A Wet Basement In Natick MA

If a homeowner encounters a wet basement in Natick MA when it rains, interior walls may be damaged or gaps around windows may be present. The steps below will instruct a homeowner how to repair concrete and add sealant around windowpanes. After patch and sealant have dried, a waterproofing agent can be added to interior walls to preserve them.


* mop

* towels

* concrete cleaning spray

* sponge

* chisel

* putty knife

* caulk gun

* tube of patch

* tube of sealant

* waterproof cloths

* waterproofing agent

* paintbrush

* paint tray

Patch Walls And Seal Gaps

A mop or towels should be used to dry a Wet Basement in Natick MA. If concrete walls are dirty, a concrete cleaning spray should be applied to a damp sponge before wiping interior walls. A towel can be used to dry clean surfaces. If portions of concrete are chipping from walls, a chisel or a putty knife can be used to remove loose pieces. Concrete patch needs to be applied to surfaces that contain holes or cracks.

A tube of patch can be secured inside of a caulk gun before releasing patch into damaged sections. A putty knife can be used to remove excess patch or smooth out patch that has been used to repair walls. After patch hardens, a tube of sealant should be installed in a caulk gun. A thin line of sealant needs to be applied around windows.

Apply A Waterproofing Agent And Maintain Interior Walls

A waterproofing agent will provide a clear coat over concrete walls. Before an agent is applied to concrete, patch and sealant should be dry. Furnishings and personal possessions that are located next to walls should be move to the central part of a basement so that a waterproofing agent does not accidentally spill on items. Large waterproof cloths can be used to protect flooring.

After stirring a waterproofing agent, a product should be poured into a paint tray. A wide paintbrush’s bristles need to be coated with a waterproofing agent before brushing an agent over concrete surfaces. Thin, even coats of a product should be applied to walls.

Each coat of sealant needs a few hours to dry before applying additional coats. Non-abrasive cleansers and sponges should be used to clean concrete walls. If another issue occurs inside of a basement, a homeowner can contact us for assistance.

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