Sedation Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens FL – What you need to Know

Do you fear going to the dentist? You are not alone. Many people put off their visit to the dentist until they have no other choice. You will find a lot of information on sedation dentistry on the Internet. Most of the information is about the benefits of sedation dentistry Palm Beach Gardens FL and not about what it actually is about.

There are two main types of sedation used for sedation dentistry. The first type of sedation is unconscious sedation. As the name suggests, the patient is completely unconscious during the whole procedure. This type of sedation uses what is known as a general anesthetic. The anesthetic can only be administered by a trained anesthesiologist.

This type of sedation can only be administered in a hospital environment. This is because when the anesthesia takes effect; all muscles in the body of the patient will stop working. The anesthesiologist will therefore require the machines in the operating room to assist the patient in breathing.

Conscious sedation as the name suggests is a type of sedation dentistry in which the patient retains consciousness. The patient therefore does not require assistance of any machines for breathing. The patient passes into a state of deep relaxation. The patient however, will not remember anything that happened during the operation.

Conscious sedation can be achieved intravenously by administering an injection into the patient’s blood stream. This can be done in the dentist’s office. The advantage of Intravenous conscious Sedation Dentistry Palm Beach Gardens FL is that the doctor has complete control over how sedated the patient is. If the dentist feels that you ought to be in deeper, they will simply inject more sedatives to enhance the effect.

Conscious sedation can also be achieved orally. The patient is provided with a liquid or pill to achieve the sedated state. The level of sedation however cannot be predicted for all patients. This is because it is dependent on their body weight, previous drug use, and genetics. Depending on the combination of the factors mentioned above, sedation may be complete or partial in the patients.

It is important to discuss the different options available for sedation dentistry Palm Beach Gardens FL with your dentist. Understand the risks involved with both types of sedation and the benefits of each type. You should also consider your own medical history. You may have a condition that may put you at higher risk of complications if you opted forsedation dentistry.

You also need to consider the costs involved. The procedure will add an extra cost to your dentist bill. However, some insurance companies cover sedation if it is used to accommodate the carrying out of several dental procedures in one sitting.

Sedation dentistry is a great alternative for those who fear visiting the dentist for one reason and another reason who understands your health history regarding oral health is likely to offer best dental help.

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