Select Items for a Country Gift Basket in Phoenix AZ

Some of the best gifts to give are those the recipients would never purchase for themselves. That can be flowers, a spa gift certificate, or dinner at a favorite restaurant. Creative gifts are those that the recipients would never think of themselves. A Country Gift Basket in Phoenix AZ is a perfect example. People may order a gift basket for someone else, but may never consider purchasing one for themselves.

What to Choose

If the recipient is a close friend or family member, choosing what type of gift basket to send is easy. Coworkers, clients, distant relatives, or acquaintances may be harder to buy for. In that case, food is the best bet. Everyone eats, snacks, and splurges on sweets.

A Country Gift Basket in Phoenix AZ that is filled with different chocolates will not be ideal for someone who does not like chocolate. A basket that contains a little chocolate, some nuts, barbecue sauce, and flavored coffee is more likely to have something for everyone. Search online for a company with a wide variety of items from which to choose.


When selecting food, it is important to make sure then items will be fresh when delivered. Ordering items at the source is better than ordering items from a giant warehouse. Fruit can go bad, nuts will get stale, and candy can taste old.

Nuts ordered from the growers, for example, means the basket will be shipped from the orchard instead of a warehouse. That also means variations of flavors will be added directly to fresh product. Pecans are popular for baking, snacking on, and adding to salads or main dishes.

If ordering pecans, it makes sense to get them from the largest pecan orchard in the world. That would be the Green Valley Pecan Company Store. Pecans are available shelled, unshelled, candied, spiced, whole, covered in chocolate, in oils, and even in coffee. Syrups, sauces, and even pies in a jar are offered.


Gift baskets can be expensive, especially when filling them with gourmet or specialty products. Research options to get the best items at affordable pricing. Sometimes it just depends on what is included in the basket so customers do have some control over the total cost. If all items are priced high, look for a different company. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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