Selecting From Storage Units for Rent in Boise, ID: What You Should Know

Whether you are moving or just need to clean out your house, you have to determine what size unit you can use for storing items and furnishings. Experts in the storage field suggest that you ask to see an empty storage unit to get a better perspective of the actual size.

Making a Decision for a Storage Unit

Storage units for rent in Boise, ID can range from fairly small to extra-large sizes. For instance, some storage units are as small as a closet. Usually measuring 5’ x 5’, these units will fit small furniture items, personal items, records, office supplies, and clothing. You can place about 12 boxes in a unit or what one would consider as a pickup load.

Units Are Sized About the Same as a Walk-in Closet

If you choose to rent a 5’ x 10’ unit, you are getting a space that is the size of a large walk-in closet. This type of unit will usually accept a room full of large furnitures such as a chest of drawers, chair, or sofa. It will also hold garden tools, bikes, or outdoor furniture. You can easily place about 25 boxes in one of these storage units for rent.

Do You Live in a One-Bedroom Apartment?

Other larger units can hold items that fit a space as large as a one-car garage or a large bedroom. For instance, a 10’ x 10’ unit can accept the contents of a small one-bedroom apartment or an apartment that can hold about three rooms of furniture without the addition of appliances.

Making a Rental Decision

Even larger sizes of storage units for rent can hold spaces that can fit the contents of a two- to three-bedroom home or one that is sized as big as a two-car garage. Therefore, you are not restricted by the sizing. As long as you know what you want to store, you can make a solid decision.

Who to Contact Among Storage Providers

To learn more about storage unit sizes, contact a professional storage company such as Republic Storage. Professionals in the field can give you a better idea of what you will need by learning more about what you have to store. Like us on Facebook.

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