Selecting Qualified Injury Lawyers

Personal injuries are not only something that is sustained in a car accident; Chicago injury lawyers will tell you that any injuries sustained on the job, injuries caused by faulty product or by slipping and falling are just as prevalent. As long as the injury is one which is the result of negligence on the part of another, then, as the injured party you have every right to compensation.

If you suffer any injury and it is the result of negligence on the part of another person or entity then you will need Chicago injury lawyers who are skilled at litigating these types of cases. How do you find these legal professionals? You know you will need someone that has expertise in handling personal injury cases, a person who is tenacious in court if it goes that far and a person that has an enviable track record in settling cases out of court in favor of his or her clients. Here are a few hints that might help you find these lawyers.

  *  You need someone who has the reputation of being a “plaintiff’s lawyer” not a lawyer for the defense. If you are injured you are known as the aggrieved party, the plaintiff. The person that was the cause of the accident is the defendant, the defendant will be represented by his or her own lawyer or by the lawyer of the insurance company.

  *  Check the background of the lawyer, what area of law does he specialize in, what law school did he attend, is the law school reputable, how many cases has he won for clients, etc? These are all important issues; a measure of a lawyer is his or her success rate.

  *  Are the Chicago injury lawyers comfortable in court? Many lawyers try to settle injury cases out of court, however, if the defense should balk and show a desire to take the case into court, is the lawyer you are considering confident in challenging and threatening an insurance company? If your lawyer appears weak the opposition will sense this quickly and force the case into court knowing they have a good chance to settle for less.

  *  Your Chicago injury lawyers must be committed to the success of your case. There are lawyers that will take any case but the complexities of tort law are such that you need a seasoned lawyer, one who specializes in personal injury cases. Personal injury is very different than criminal or domestic law; make sure you check the lawyer’s case history before you hire him or her.

Once you have identified a lawyer whom you feel can represent you, try to negotiate a contingency fee arrangement which means you have no upfront legal expenses as the lawyer will be compensated out of the award.

If you have been injured you will need experienced and highly motivated Chicago injury lawyers to represent your interests. Contact the Shea Law Group for a free case evaluation.

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