Septic Tank Service Cedar Rapids IA Technicians Recommend Keeping the Tank Warm

For Septic Tank Service Cedar Rapids IA, residents rely on area companies for tank pumping. Tanks generally should be pumped every two or three years, depending on how big the tank is and how many people live in the house. Only liquid should be sent from the tank to the leach field but, if the container gets too full, it can start to send solids if there are no effective filters in place. That is the case with older systems. In addition, homeowners risk a sewer backup if the tank gets too full. One way to help the system break down waste material faster is to make sure it stays relatively warm. The anaerobic bacteria responsible for this task are more active in warmer temperatures.

The tank can be as cold as the earth around it. Snow on the ground insulates the earth and the tank but, sometimes, there isn’t much, or any, snow when the weather is chilly. People in the house can keep the tank temperature higher by using warm or hot water routinely throughout each day instead of limiting the use to certain times.

For instance, doing a load of laundry in warm or hot water each day or every couple of days is better for the tank than doing all the laundry on Saturday morning. This has the added advantage of not sending enormous amounts of water to the tank over the course of a few hours, which can overload the tank and cause waste to spill out into the leach field.

If some household residents can take a shower or bath later in the day instead of first thing in the morning, that also helps keep the tank warmer. Washing dishes when no substantial amount of hot water has been used for many hours also is helpful to the tank. Click here for more details.

Eventually, rural residents with a private sewage treatment system will need Septic Tank Service Cedar Rapids IA, technicians to pump the tank and inspect it. A company such as Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning is ready to do this project. Visit the website for details.

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