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Services from a Cosmetic Dentist, Find One Near Lakeview

Posted By: Leah Austin

Your teeth should certainly be functional, able to break down the food that you eat, but they also should look good, too. Though we might have great looking teeth in our childhood and throughout our teenage years, as we begin to get older, so do our teeth. During those decades, our teeth become discolored, chip, and we might even lose a few. Fortunately, there are dentists near Lakeview who can help. Known as cosmetic dentists, they have procedures available that can make your smile look its absolute best. Here are some of the services you might find at the office of a cosmetic dentist:

Replacement of Missing Teeth

If you are missing any teeth, you can get help from a dentist specializing in cosmetics. They can use dentures, crowns, bridges, and implants to fill the space. These are called restorations, and they are meant to look just as good as your natural teeth.

Tooth Whitening

If you have noticed that your teeth are looking dull and off-white, you might consider tooth whitening. Things like smoking or eating/drinking dark colored food can discolor the teeth over time. A dentist, however, can restore your smile to one that is white and bright.

Damaged Teeth

Some people have teeth that are crooked, misshapen, or out of place. Braces or aligners, like Invisalign, might be an option, but they won’t work for everyone. Instead, dentists often use small dental appliances called veneers. Usually made of porcelain, these are strong, durable shells that fit right over the surface of the teeth. Another option that a dentist might use when fixing damaged teeth is called bonding. Dental crowns can also be used. All of these options ensure that your teeth look completely natural.

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