Services Offered by Fairfax, VA National Protective Services, Inc.

Fairfax Va National Protective Services Inc. offers a wide variety of services to those who need it. Whether an actual guard is needed on duty, or video surveillance is required, the company will be able to provide any protective service that their customers need.

Guard Services The main services offered by Fairfax Va National Protective Services Inc. include basic guard services. Whether it is for a business or home, or even a special event being held, a guard will be stationed to offer protection. They can handle anything that comes up during the time they are on duty, including observing, reporting theft, stopping break ins, and breaking up fights. If there is an issue to be dealt with, the guard will get it taken care of. A guard may be needed for neighborhood watch. A guard could be stationed at a special concert held down town. Perhaps a private party is being held at a home and they would like someone there to ensure no uninvited guests enter the premises. Whatever the reason is for wanting a guard on duty, the customer will be satisfied with their service.

Video Verification Services Instead of hiring a guard to remain on duty all night, customers can simply ask to have a video surveillance system installed. This system will be able to monitor the area 24/7 to catch anything that might happen. If someone attempts to break in, the monitors will catch them and send out an alert. Video can even be recorded for future playback, and license plates, people, and paths will all be able to be recognized easily. Whether the customer wants to watch the video on their laptop, television, or mobile phone, all devices can be set up to access the surveillance footage. No matter where the customer is and what they are doing, they will be able to look at their system to watch their surroundings.

No matter what type of protective services one is looking for, Fairfax Va National Protective Services Inc. will be able to meet their needs. Whether a guard is needed for an event, or a video verification system is wanted, both can be provided to ensure the safety of the property and people within the home or business.

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