Seven Tips for Fall Lawn Care in Alpharetta

If you want a beautiful yard in the spring, there are several things you’ll need to do in the autumn. These tips for fall lawn care in Alpharetta can help ensure you have a lush lawn come spring.

Get Rid of the Leaves

Dead leaves aren’t good for your grass. They trap moisture and block light. Leaving them in your yard can inhibit the growth of grass your lawn could be bare come spring.

Don’t Put the Mower Away

Grass will grow up to the first hard frost. Until then, it will need regular cutting. Usually, a height of 2.5 to 3 inches is good. You don’t want it too short or too long.

Keep Watering

A lot of people stop watering when the weather gets cool, but a good watering here and there keeps the grassroots hydrated and healthy for the winter months. You should be able to water up until late October when you need to store hoses to avoid freezing.

Soil Aeration

At least every other fall, your lawn’s soil needs to be aerated. Just poke some holes in the turf to let fertilizer reach the roots.


Fall lawn care in Alpharetta includes fertilizing. Your grass needs the nutrients it can provide.

Seeding the Lawn

If you want to protect against weeds, maintain a dense lawn. It’s okay to overseed the yard a bit because it will fill in thin spots or bare areas. Fall is the best time of year for overseeding.

Stay on Schedule

Make sure your fall lawn care in Alpharetta stays on a schedule. It needs to be done on time to be beneficial. Seeding should not be done too late and fertilizing shouldn’t be completed too early.

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