Shining Through Your Garden Using These Brilliant Lighting Ideas

Brighten the exterior of your yard with lights in your garden. Instead of the traditional lamp design consider a few of the unique designs that are available, such as odd shapes and even a few different colors. When you begin searching for just the right garden post light, consider the size of the area that you want to illuminate as well as a few details that you want to highlight so that you can focus on those areas instead of the overall yard.

Hanging Down
If you have a lot of trees in your yard, then consider hanging lights. They can be placed on limbs that hang over your garden or that hang over a feature in your yard that you enjoy showing to others, such as a birdbath or a decorative bench. You can get lights with colored glass for a playful look in your yard.

Highlighting a Pathway
Another option for a garden post light would be to place small lights along a pathway that leads from your home to your garden. You can usually find all designs of lights instead of traditional shapes that include circles or squares, such as butterflies or flowers. There are also solar lights that illuminate at night after charging in the sun during the day. Not only will the lights along the pathway create a beautiful illuminated design in your yard, but they can also act as a safety feature for when you go outside at night.

Playing With the Spotlight
Position a large light in your garden so that it shines on the exterior of your home if there’s an area you want to highlight. A large light can also be positioned so that it focuses on a blooming bush or a decoration in a tree. A benefit of larger lights is that you can use a colored bulb as an accent for special times during the year, such as holidays.

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