Should You Make Your Own Moulding Knives Or Order From A Supplier?

Mouldings, baseboards, and other woodworking decorations are very popular in the home improvement and architecture fields. Most homeowners will agree that adding decorative touches like expertly crafted moulding, door and window frames, banisters, and handrails enhances the visual appeal of their home and adds value. To keep up with customer demand and augment their businesses, there are many professionals in the woodworking field who make their own moulding knives.

An abundance of how-to articles and tutorial videos exist on the internet on how to craft moulding knives with your own equipment. You might be wondering if this would be the right step for you, or if you should order your knives through a supplier or have them custom-made.

Many woodworkers state that it can take around two hours to create a simple mold by hand, and some of them do make their own moulding knives exclusively. If you can create them quickly without making mistakes, it could save you money and time to make your own knives. However, this is a business decision not to be taken lightly. Depending on your output and amount of customers, it might be more cost-effective for you to order your knives through a supplier.

Some carpenters have said that creating a quality moulding knife is an art form that should be left to professional knife grinders – of which there are many in the carpentry business. But as with any art, some people are better at a craft than others, and those who realize their time would be better spent creating moulding than knives are more than happy to do so and leave the knives to someone else.

If you have a talent with a grinding machine and making moulding knives yourself, you might find it rewarding to create your own custom sets. If your shop is busy or you’d prefer to be making money by creating product for customers to buy rather than crafting your own tool inventory, a supplier might be better suited for your needs. Many online suppliers sell quality and name-brand knives at competitive prices, and offer other services, such as sharpening and custom orders.

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