Should Your Logo Apparal Include Embroidery? Overland Park Experts Can Help You Decide

Nothing makes a professional statement like group apparel with a beautifully designed logo. Embroidered logos are very popular, but there are also other effective application methods. When groups are considering embroidery in Overland Park, design professionals can explain their options, which typically include:

  • SCREEN PRINTING: Screen printed T-shirts are a classic way to identify a large group of people. They are ideal for corporate events and promotion items, and are affordable. Professionals, such as those at Business Name, typically suggest screen printing when customers have a large image, which could be expensive to embroider. Since screen printing uses ink that becomes part of fabric, the result also has a soft feel, which many people prefer.
  • EMBROIDERY: Corporations who are searching for a classic, understated, professional appearance typically choose embroidered logos, especially on shirts. These are usually small and discrete. Embroidery is often used on caps, because they typically have center seams which make other methods very difficult. Some customers also enjoy the 3-D effect that results when foam-front trucker caps are embroidered.
  • APPLIQUES: Customers who want larger areas embroidered often choose appliques. This is a process that involves embroidering a design on a piece of fabric, which is then applied to apparel. Appliques can be created in a variety of sizes and shapes, and customers can choose from many colors. They have industrial heat seal backing, and include a sewn on border. Many businesses choose appliques for bags, uniforms, and jerseys. They are also popular for biker back patches.
  • HEAT SUBLIMATION: If a customer’s design is very detailed, designers will often suggest the use of heat sublimation. This process, which is also known as dye sublimation, lets experts dye their materials almost any color imaginable. Customers can often choose a specific backing, such as one that enhances high gloss colors. Heat sublimation is ideal when images need to be especially life-life, and when customers want their own image on garments.

Businesses and other groups often present a uniform, professional look by adding a logo or image to member apparel. Design experts use a variety of processes to achieve quality results, and work with customers to create the desired results.

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