Significance of Truck Accident Attorneys

Federal motor carrier safety administration stated that 226,000 trucks (large trucks, tractor trailers, semi trucks, and other commercial trucks) were involved in accidents all over the country, killing nearly 4500 people and injuring 102,754 people. In legal sense, truck accident happen when a truck of any forms directly instigates an event or series of events that originates property damage, personal injury, and/ or death. Today, truck accidents are one of the major causes of deaths and fetal personal injuries everywhere. If you live in Chicago, you can always get help from truck accident attorneys in Chicago who are appreciated for their skills, all over the country.

Factors For Accidents

1: Traffic law violations
NHTSA stated in their report that 20% of truck drivers involved in grave crashes had been convicted for their previous traffic violations. Traffic violations involve speeding, flashing and tailgating, and dangerous lane switching. In case of trucks, these violations increase a risk of collision, jackknifing, and crash alarmingly, as trucks, in comparison to small vehicles, have no reaction time.

2: Driver’s error
A truck accident can be caused by many driving errors; such as

  • Improper load or overload cargo.
  • Fatigue and exhaustion.
  • Inadequate training.
  • Distraction and aggressive driving.
  • Lack of experience.
  • Intoxication.

In any of the errors stated above, victims are within their rights to file a claim and receive rightful compensation for their property damages, personal injuries, and other accident related expenses. Driving under influence is criminal as well as civil offense, therefore is handled by both civil and criminal courts allowing accident victims to claim.

3: Equipment failure
Equipment failure is another major cause for truck accidents. Trucks companies are compelled by law to maintain and upkeep trucks regularly in order to eliminate the risk of accidents.

4: Negligence
According to the latest statistics of truck accidents, an aspect of negligence on truck drivers’ part has been found in accidents. If a truck driver acts recklessly and irresponsibly then victims can receive compensation. Accident attorneys establish evidence of negligence on truck driver’s part and file claim to facilitate victims. There are many ways to prove negligence; such as police report, accident site photographs, and eyewitness and expert witness testimonies and in some cases, circumstantial indirect evidence. Although no-fault law intends to ensure that victim be compensated without delay for medical bills and lost income, untowardly these laws cease victims to receive their rightful reimbursements for other important accident related issues.

Legal Guidance

Truck accident attorneys in Chicago are famous for helping victims receive their rightful compensation to which they are given the right. Although insurance companies manage some truck accident claims, truck accident attorneys are an excellent way to for because of their experience. They have been trained and skilled to establish right courses of action in these situations. Attorneys make sure victims receive their rightful compensation for all their accident related expenses. In the cases of delay from insurance companies or “statute of limitations” truck accident attorney assert victims’ rights and negotiate on their behalf for rightful settlements.

If you drive a truck in Chicago and have been in an accident, it is in your best interest to hire one of experienced truck accident attorneys in Chicago who could help you get the compensation you deserve. For more information, visit Shea Law Group.

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