Signs That Indicate That You Are Working Out Too Hard and Need to Slow Down

You will have to push yourself while at a fitness center in New Jersey to get the results that you want. However, it is possible for you to push yourself too hard. There are several signs you may notice if you are working out too hard.

Your Performance Has Decreased

People exercise a lot because they think that it will help increase their performance. However, if you work out too hard, then the opposite may happen. If you have been working out consistently and your performance is declining, then you may need to decrease your intensity.

Your Resting Heart Rate Has Increased

Generally speaking, your resting heart will decrease if you exercise frequently. Exercise strengthens your heart, so it can pump more efficiently without beating as fast. However, if you exercise too much, then your resting heart rate will increase. Too much exercise puts stress on the heart and the rest of the body.

Your Mood Has Changed

Exercise can help boost your mood. It can also help fight feelings of anxiety and depression. However, if you exercise too much, then you may become moody and more anxious. Excess exercise can cause the stress hormones in your body to increase.

Extreme Soreness

It is normal for your body to be sore after an intense workout. However, this soreness should go away within a day or two. If it does not go away, then you may need to take a break from exercise. This is a sign that you have overdone it.


A good workout can make it easier for you to sleep. However, if you work out too much, then you will likely have a harder time going to sleep. You may need to take a few days off if you have trouble sleeping. If you are looking for a fitness center in New Jersey, then you can contact THE MAX Challenge Of Bordentown.

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