Signs That You Need A Waterproof Basement In Westford, MA

If you have cracks in your basement walls or floors, these openings allow water to leak into your basement. When moisture gets into your basement, it creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. A damp basement will cause your stored items to develop a musty odor, and mold is harmful when you breathe it into your lungs. To keep your basement dry and free of mold, contact a company that performs repairs to ensure a Waterproof Basement in Westford MA. The information below will answer your questions about the causes and signs of a leaking basement.

Q.) What are the signs that basement walls are cracked and leaking?

A.) The signs of a leaking basement are simple to detect, and it’s likely that you’ll notice several of the signs. The most obvious signs are puddles of water on the basement floor or water running down the basement walls. Other easily identified signs include the presence of mold on books, clothing, and other stored items in your basement. If the walls are cracked in your finished basement, you’ll see the paint on your walls begin to peel. Bubbles will form in wallpaper and the paneling you have on the walls will warp.

Q.) What are the reasons why a basement wall would crack?

A.) There are several reasons why basement walls crack and subsequently leak. If your drainage system isn’t moving the water away from your house, it’s settling right next to your house and soaking the ground. Soil that’s too wet can cause a foundation to shift and the walls to crack due to this movement. If the dirt around your foundation is too dry because your area has experienced a drought, this will also cause the foundation to move and form cracks in the walls. As soon as you determine that your basement walls are cracked, contact a company that specializes in repairs for a Waterproof Basement in Westford MA.

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