Signs that you need sewer cleaning in Gainesville GA

A sewer drain that is clogged is a major problem because, as the water and waste have no way to find its way to the main sanitary sewer or the septic tank, it has no option but to back up into the house plumbing and eventually spilling out and onto the floor. When you realize that there is a sewer drain which is clogged you need to arrange for Sewer Cleaning in Gainesville GA before any of the plumbing fixtures in the house are used.

There are a number of signs that may point to the fact that you have a sewer drain clog;

Multiple clogging: If there is only one drain clogged then it’s apparent where the problem lies, however, if multiple fixtures back up then you can safely assume you have a sewer drain clog. The toilets are more prone to this due to the waste they carry but even sinks can show the evidence. The best way to confirm your suspicion is to check every fixture in the home.

  • Toilets: The toilets in the home have a direct path to the sewer and they also have the largest diameter pipes, if there is a main drain clog, this is where it will be most noticeable.

  • Bath tub and shower: The tub and shower drains are also dead giveaways that there is a problem inasmuch as they sit lower than drains in the sinks.

Odd reactions when using the fittings: More evidence of a clogged sewer drain can be seen if there are odd or unexpected reactions when using the plumbing.

  • Toilet flush: If, when you flush the toilet, water backs up into the bath tub or shower, this is a definite sign that the drain is clogged. As the flush water cannot escape into the main drain it will come back and come out at the lowest point which is the tub drain.

  • Run the water in the sink: Look for air which is trapped in the system, run the water in the bathroom sink to the toilet for a couple of minutes. If the water level in the toilet goes up the problem is in the main drain.

Once you have confirmed that the main sewer drain is indeed clogged, call for sewer cleaning in Gainesville GA as it will probably require a rooter. Browse the site for more details.

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