Signs You Need a Boat Dock Repair

Any boat dock is going to show signs of wear and tear after years of use. However, sometimes the situation can be direr than in other cases. There are a few situations where you need the assistance of professional boat docks repair in the 83638-zip code. An expert can help you repair the dock or offer you insight into whether the dock will need to be replaced. Below are some of the situations where you should call in an expert for advice.

Problems with Dock Supports

Currents and strong waves can lead to bending and warping depending on the materials used to construct your boat dock. If your dock doesn’t utilize protective dock bumpers, this can exacerbate the situation. The problem is that if the damage is left to get worse, it can cause the supports to crack or even break. If you notice this happening, you need the help of an expert to quickly to determine what can be done.

Rusted Supports and Platforms

With a dock, contacting water regularly is simply part of life. This also leads to a build-up of moisture. The problem is that if you have a metal dock, this moisture can eventually lead to rust on the platforms or supports. This isn’t a huge problem if it’s caught early, since it can be repaired or small pieces can be replaced. However, when it gets worse, the result might be the need for replacement. A professional in boat docks repair in the 83638-zip code can help you determine what options you have.

Foundation Damage

If you notice any damage to the foundation of your boat dock, you should immediately talk to an expert. This can quickly become a much more serious issue. In many cases, foundation damage leads to the necessity of replacing the dock. It’s also extremely dangerous to ignore this sort of problem, because the foundation holds up the boat dock. Make sure to get in touch with a professional who can let you know what can be done to keep the dock safe and secure.

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