Signs Your Home Requires Concrete Foundation Repair Service in Mississippi

The foundation of a home rarely gets a lot of attention from homeowners until problems begin to arise. A concrete foundation is crucial for the safety of a home. When the foundation becomes damaged, it is crucial homeowners seek Concrete Foundation Repair Service in Mississippi as soon as possible. Failure to act quickly could result in major damages to a home and could even be the cause of injuries in the event part of the home collapses.

There are multiple signs that can alert homeowners to problems with their concrete foundation. It behooves homeowners to keep an eye on their home and be watchful for signs of damage so they can seek repairs right away.

1. Sagging roof
2. Bowed walls
3. Horizontal cracks in the concrete foundation
4. Vertical cracks in the walls
5. Nails popping out of the drywall
6. Stuck doors and windows
7. Cracks in the chimney
8. Flooding in the basement
9. Sunk in areas on the lawn
10. Standing water around the foundation
11. Broken concrete driveways and walkways

If homeowners have noticed any of these signs, they need to call for Concrete Foundation Repair Service in Mississippi. There are a couple of different approaches a foundation repair company will take to make sure a home’s foundation is stable.

Piering places beam supports that help to lift the concrete foundation back to its normal position. Piers help to support the home and keep it on a strong foundation, so further damage no longer occurs.

For minor foundation shifts, the repair technicians can also bring in the mortar to fill in the gaps where the ground is shifting so the foundation is made more solid. Through a thorough inspection, the technician can determine what is causing the foundation issues so they can decide on what type of repair option will be most beneficial for protecting the home.

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