Sisal Rugs in Westport CT Are Great In Rooms Needing Durable Flooring

Rooms such as sun rooms, dining rooms, and family rooms are good places to use natural fiber Sisal Rugs in Westport CT. Sisal is a natural fiber that can be woven into area rugs that are durable and stain resistant. Sisal Rugs in Westport CT add character to any room they are used in. Other natural fibers can be used for wall to wall or area rugs to add warmth and comfort to homes. Natural fibers are kinder to the environment than petroleum-based carpets.

What Type Of Rug?

When decorating a home, the homeowner or their interior designer must consider what type of rug is needed in each room. Sisal Rugs are firmer and flatter than tufted rugs. They are also very durable and practical. If comfort and soft feel are required, a tufted rug made with fibers like wool or cotton might be good choices. Wool and cotton can be woven or tufted into luxurious area rugs that look rich, and are comfortable to walk or sit on.

Area rugs can also be very decorative. Wool, cotton, and other natural fibers can be used in area rugs that are like works of art with distinctive designs and color combinations. There are traditional patterns used in Asian design rugs and there are distinctive contemporary designs. An area rug can be the basis for the color scheme and design of a room. Area rugs can add color and interest to an otherwise neutral room.

Sisal rugs come in traditional designs and textures or more contemporary designs. They are most commonly offered in natural colors. But some are dyed in brighter colors. They are offered in many different sizes, small to room size. This woven rug has a harder feel than a tufted rug. It works well with furniture sitting on it.

Wall To Wall Carpet

Many homeowners choose to use the wall to wall carpet in at least part of their homes. Wall to wall carpet offers a seamless floor all one level. The carpet is stretched over pad and tack strip. This carpet installation is less expensive than solid wood floors to install and is easier to replace as it wears out. Wall to wall carpet is warm and comfortable to walk and sit on. Companies such as Redi-Cut Carpets & Rugs can advise homeowners on flooring choices. Click here for more information.

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