Sizes and Other Considerations Regarding Mini Warehouses in Newnan

Storage facilities offer a broad range of sizes to suit customer needs. Units generally range from the size of a personal locker all the way up to Mini Warehouses in Newnan. There are units appropriate for storing a few pieces of furniture and some boxes and others that can fit an entire household of possessions. The small warehouse model often is used by businesses that need extra space for inventory.


There are no precise definitions of what constitutes a mini-warehouse. Often, storage facilities use the term to describe a space of 600 sq. ft., which usually is a 20 ft. x 30 ft. unit. That’s about the size of a small, one-bedroom apartment. Although these spaces can function as Mini Warehouses in Newnan, they also are useful for people who have a large number of belongings they need to keep in storage for a while. A mini warehouse might be as large as 1,000 sq. ft. This kind of space is usually only intended for commercial customers.

Vehicle Storage

Some units of mini-warehouse size at a facility such as Greyson Storage are designated as a place where people can store vehicles. For instance, they might not use their RV or boat in the winter and prefer to keep it indoors instead of parking in or next to the driveway. Some customers use the place for this type of storage all year because they don’t have room for the vehicles at home.


Storage facilities that offer mini warehouse space to businesses typically have guidelines that must be followed. For example, they probably will not allow the business to routinely use this area as a place where customers can shop. However, they might allow the occasional sale date if the business wants to reduce inventory without hauling individual items to the main site.

Most Important Considerations

Some of the most important considerations regarding which facility to choose include pricing, location, and level of security. The larger mini-warehouses generally open to the outside instead of having interior entries, which may mean they are not climate controlled. Customer service reps can answer any questions by phone.

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