Smart home technology is here today

It was not too many years ago when smart home technology was little more than a dream. Today, thanks to Smartphones this technology is here and is expected to grow rapidly. There is little doubt that intelligent lighting and smart locking systems have pushed home automation forward. One piece of smart home technology that is bound to have a significant impact on the future is a Honeywell WiFi thermostat in Bothell WA. These thermostats go beyond simple temperature control, they now can communicate effectively allowing them to accomplish far more, saving the homeowner money and having a positive impact on the environment.

Programmable vs. smart thermostats:

There actually is a significant difference between the two. A programmable thermostat is little more than a thermostat that has an integral clock which is used to control the temperature in a home. Some are a little more sophisticated than others as the homeowner can pre-program them to increase or decrease the temperature based on the time of day. This device is infallible; it will maintain the schedule until manually overrun. There are other programmable thermostats which are a little more sophisticated as they custom schedules can be input meaning that not all days must be identical. Both these types of thermostats require manual set-up.

A Honeywell WiFi thermostat in Bothell WA takes the basic approach of any programmable thermostat and adds some very special features. These features include automatic scheduling, geo-fencing, energy saving feedback and more. This thermostat adapts to the way your home actually functions with little or no input on your part. Through WiFi, using a smartphone or any internet enabled device the homeowner can remotely control the thermostat when he or she wishes to override the system.

What does a smart thermostat actually do?

Smart technology detects certain things when they happen and cause something to happen. Take for example a smart door, when it opens the lights go on. A Honeywell WiFi thermostat in Bothell also adheres to the cause and affect principal.

A smart thermostat offers a host of conveniences which include the ability to preset temperatures for when the house is occupied and different temperatures when there is no one home. A Honeywell WiFi thermostat in Bothell brings added benefits, rather than be at the keypad to make adjustments you can interface with the thermostat through an app or a web browser. An internet enabled thermostat allows you to correct your own mistakes, for example, if you are going to arrive home late you can postpone the heating or cooling, you can also shut the system off remotely if you are so inclined.

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