Smart Strategies for Healing From Your Cosmetic Tooth Bonding Procedure

When you have spent the time and money to bond your teeth together, you may want to go to great strides to take care of this dental work. Rather than continue your old habits that caused your damaged teeth in the first place, you may want to change your lifestyle. When you want to take the best care of your composite bonding in Glenview, you should follow these guidelines.

Take Care With the Food You Eat

When it comes to safeguarding your composite bonding in Glenview, you may be advised to watch what kind of foods you eat. Just like braces, bonding can come apart easily if you eat sticky and crunchy foods. Some of the treats you may need to skip eating altogether include:

Bubble gum
Potato chips

Eating foods that are too sticky, chewy, or crunchy can cause the bonding to come apart in between and on your teeth. You may have to go back to the dentist to have the work repaired at your own expense.

Avoid Carbonated and Acidic Drinks

Another common-sense tip to remember involves avoiding drinking beverages that are high in carbonation and acid. Some of your favorite drinks like coffee, soda, and carbonated water can erode the bonding on your teeth and cause the work to come loose. Instead of indulging in these drinks, you may need to switch to drinking water, milk, and non-carbonated beverages until your bonding is solidified and not at risk of coming apart.

Work With a Dentist Today

These are a few of the tips that your dentist will tell you to remember while you are healing from your bonding work. They call for you to change your lifestyle and adopt new habits. When you want to learn more about bonding, contact Chicago Beautiful Smiles online.

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