Smile Proudl: Teeth Whitening Woodbury Heights

Many people look in the mirror and wonder how they would look with whiter teeth. Instead of wishing for it, make it happen. During the Lumalite procure, one can walk out of the dental office in an hour with teeth that are several shades whiter. This is an alternative to traditional whitening, which is also quite effective. The bighest difference is that traditional bleaching happens over a number of days and patients must use a tray and solution on their teeth. Those with especially sensitive teeth may find the Lumalite more comfortable. A simple whitening procedure takes years off of one’s age. Teeth Whitening Woodbury Heights gives one a brighter smile in no time.

Dentists in Woodbury Heights also provide traditional dental care. Patients can come in for their regular bi-yearly cleaning and examination. Regular care is essential for good dental health. It can prevent cavities or catch them in the early stages. It also prevents tartar buildup. It is astonishing what happens when an individual neglects his or her teeth. Not only do they become yellowed, but there are cavities to deal with and plaque. Plaque, which is often removed by regular cleaning, can build up and break off. This enters the body and can affect arteries, contributing to heart disease. In the end it costs less to go in for regular cleanings than pay for extensive dental work that results from neglect. With bi-yearly appointments, one can focus on a beautiful smile and care for teeth and gums.

Emergency work is also available. Unfortunately, there are times when an old crown falls out for one chips a tooth. Seek their services to immediately correct the mishap. The sooner one gets treatment, the better the outcome. With an emergency, there is no need to make an appointment.

It is rare the individual who feels he or she looks best with busted or missing teeth. Teeth Whitening Woodbury heights is just part of the cosmetic options. Those with missing teeth can look into dental implants or fix those chipped teeth with veneers. Instead of settling for a less than perfect smile, correct imperfections with a little professional help.

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