Social Security Disability Claims in Wichita

If you have been injured, or possibly ill in some form that precludes you from doing your job for which you have been trained, you might want to apply for social security disability in Wichita. You need to think of the fact that the Social Security administration may agree that you cannot work in your trained field, but that you can work in another field. Sadly, there are a lot of reasons for getting denied for Disability Insurance. Some of them just plain hurt too.

The first step in the process is the initial application. One can stop by his/her Social Security Administration office and say you want to file. They will explain the procedures for that. Many people if able, will make application on a computer. If you do not have one, Social security can help, or one could go to the local library and log on to the application on line and file. Be it known that most people get denied the first time they file, it just seems to be standard procedure. It usually takes several months to hear about your first application. You are usually required to go through a series of doctor appointments from independent doctors to evaluate your health claims. These reports will be sent to social security disability Wichita to help in the determination of your case. Depending on your Congressman, it might not hurt to contact his/her office and explain to his staff what you are doing. You might find that your Congressman is willing to write a letter on your behalf with the seal of his/her office. That tends to get attention at the social security office.

Alas, if that too should fail, you need to file an appeal of denial and be prepared to present evidence why the case should not have been denied. This will be heard in the legal system, and you will need to hire the services of an attorney who is well versed with appealing social security disability Wichita. Your first consultation with the attorney is likely to be free of charge (discuss this with your attorney) and your fees will be able to be worked out later. Sadly this appeal process could also take several months, so you could be hurting for a while. Do not delay in seeking the help of your attorney as the sooner you start, the sooner you will possibly win your application.

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