Sore Back? Neck And Spine Sports Injury In McDonough GA, Can Help Get You Back In The Game

Many people participate in various sports as a form of exercise. Sports such as soccer, running, golf, or weightlifting are great ways to get yourself into shape but they can also cause neck and spine injuries. It’s important to know that a Neck And Spine Sports Injury can be the most dangerous type of sports injury. About 20% of all sports injuries involve injuries to the back or the neck. The back is in danger of many strains when a person is involved in sports. Neck injuries happen as well, such as in football which places the neck or the cervical spine at risk. Sports Injury Treatment in McDonough GA may be able to help you.

Symptoms of a back or neck injury may include pain in the neck or the back that radiates down to the arms and legs. Nervous system problems such as numbness, problems walking, or pain that doesn’t go away and keeps getting worse. Anytime during sports activities if there is a possibility of a serious neck or spinal injury, the person should never be moved. Contact emergency personal immediately.

If the neck or back injury is mild, there are a number of ways to help relieve the pain and to give the injury time to heal.

Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen or acetaminophen may be used to reduce swelling and pain.

Rest for the affected area.

Applying and alternating ice packs or moist heat according to your doctor.

Use a seating support while sitting to help improve your posture.

Strength exercises to strengthen the spine muscles.

In some cases, surgery may be required.

There are ways to help avoid neck and spine sports injuries. Take frequent breaks if allowed and wear protective equipment that is appropriate for your sport.

Make an appointment with Neck And Spine Sports Injury Treatment in McDonough GA so your injury can be assessed and treated promptly and accordingly. Get referrals from family and friends to find the specialist in your area who can treat your neck or spine injury. Experienced professionals will help you, treat you and give you options to get you back on the playing field in no time.

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