Spay Neuter Honolulu For Your Animal Companions

There is no arguing that our animal companions become like genuine family members over time, and we want to give them the same health-care benefits as any other member. Spay Neuter Honolulu can provide that care and more. They will become an active partner in the overall care of your pet throughout its lifetime. From early examinations and vaccinations, to spaying and neutering, to medical and surgical care, and eventual “Seniorcare” examinations, your pet will receive top flight treatment throughout his or her life.

Surgical services at Spay Neuter In Honolulu are provided with the safety and comfort of your pet as the main priorities. Pre-surgery examinations and lab work ensure your pet’s well-being. Only the safest anethesias are used, and the facilities are specifically designed for safety and comfort, with features such as heated surgical tables. All vital signs are closely monitored and a night of closely-watched recovery is also provided.

The decision to spay or neuter your dog or cat is a big one and deserves serious deliberation. If you do not intend for your pet to breed, the decision is, of course a moot point. Ideally, either of these procedures should be done within the first six months, so you will have a little time to weigh their pros and cons.

For spaying of your animal companion, be it dog or cat, the obvious pro is that your pet will not have heat cycles to deal with. Also, spayed females tend to have fewer overall health problems and so lead longer, healthier lives. In addition, the lower hormone levels in a spayed pet can reduce the chances for various types of cysts, tumors, and urinary infections.

Regarding neutering of your dog or cat, besides the attendant behavioral changes, it can also decrease the possibility of certain tumors, prostate issues, and testicular cancer. For male cats it may also eliminate urinary spraying behaviors.

Our pets are family and we owe it to them to give them the very best when it comes to their overall health and well-being. Spay Neuter In Honolulu will be your partner when it comes to ensuring that your animal companion has a long and healthy life.

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